Trash to Toddler Treasure

Can you believe someone was throwing this out?? Luckily my mom saw it by the curb and “rescued” it! (Now do you see where I get my ideas to reuse things?? LOL) What’s even funnier? Imagining my mom driving up to someone’s house & picking this out of their trash!

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Bubs is one lucky little boy! Nana wanted her only grandson to have a kitchen to play with and what better way to get one than for free!?

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So, when this kitchen showed up at my house, it was pretty disgusting… lucky for Bubs, his Momma is a bit of an OCD cleaner… as I posted before, I prefer to use green cleaners, I like to make my own, and I love to use vinegar to clean with. All of that being said, there are just some things in life that need to be cleaned with bleach. This kitchen is one of those things.

photo 4

So while Bubs napped one day, I carried this gross thing into my basement laundry room, then I scrubbed and scrubbed this little kitchen, rinsed it with a wet rag and then carried it outside to hose it down.

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photo 8

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Wow! What an improvement!!

photo 14

photo 15

I dried it off, brought it back into the basement and set it up, so when Bubs woke up from his nap, I could show him his new kitchen. He LOVED it!!!

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I am so glad my mom was able to prevent this “vintage” play kitchen, actually called the Little Tikes Party Kitchen, from going to the landfill! I know Bubs loves his new kitchen and I love that we got it for free ! I think next summer it will go outside for him to play with (which I am assuming is where it came from, since it was THAT dirty!).

Do you have any treasures you found in someone else’s trash?