Just a Fall Monday…

Happy Monday! (Or not so happy in this household)
I’m not sure how all of your Mondays are going, but mine started out rough! Here’s how it went:
1) Bubba woke up at 8 am (he usually sleeps until about 8:45-9), he was super grouchy & did not want to go through our normal morning routine.
2) Bubs threw a screaming tantrum because he did not want to play with his toys in his play area (I let him roam the house instead)
3) I tried to feed him breakfast and he didn’t want anything besides crackers
4) I went to put some out-going mail in the mailbox and Bubs shut the front door, locking me out! (Thank God the sliding door was open or this Momma would have had a major meltdown! I did have to walk around the house in my skimpy PJ shorts & a hoodie though)
5) Bubs pulled a big bag of cashews out of the cupboard & dumped them all over the kitchen floor, he also had 4 is his mouth! (He likes cashews, but we cut them in small pieces for him, so 4 whole ones made me nervous!)
6) I put him down for his morning nap, which normally he falls asleep in less than 5 mins, this time… It took 30 min.

SILVER LINING – he slept 1 hour & 50 min AND I got an hour nap in!

The day was much better from that point on, we ate a late lunch and went over to our neighbor’s house for a play date!

Bubs loves to play with E & E’s daughter, N! Since today was such a nice day out, we played outside! Bubs had fun and came home and took another nice nap!



How did you enjoy (or not enjoy) your Monday?