Little Artists

Well, Hello Monday!

What a great weekend! Yesterday I was trying to think of something fun to do with Bubs outside, we are having this AMAZING late summer Fall weather! It was perfect out, not a cloud in the sky, high 60s, with LOTS of warm sun!!

I pinned a safe kids finger paint recipe on Pinterest, MONTHS ago, and have been dying to try it out with Bubba. I kept putting it off, thinking “the older he is, the more he will enjoy the paint”, and hoping the weather would cool down a bit too. Well, Sunday was the day to find that recipe and make the paint! So I pulled up my Pinterest boards and went on a search for it, guess what?, it turns out, I pinned about 5 different safe kids paints… I had a specific recipe in mind, so it took a while to find it. Here it is if you want to make it yourself. (I made a double batch).

I mixed up the recipe, then added my food coloring… I had 13 colors!!

Paint 1I called our neighbors to see if N wanted to come paint with Bubs, they were in and headed on over! While we were waiting for them to arrive, I made a few stamps out of potatoes, I thought the kids would have fun using the stamps, as well as, painting with their fingers!

PotatoesBubba wasn’t that interested in actually painting, he wanted to eat the paint and eat the potatoes!

AustinWe tried to have N show Bubs how to use the stamps…

Austin 4It didn’t work out so well… Bubs took it and “ran”…

Escapee 1

Escapee 3As you can see, he was eating the potato (see the paint on his face?!), he ended up eating most of the square off of the square “stamp”!

Meanwhile, N was making a layered masterpiece!

Painting 1 Painting 3 Painting 4 Painting 5

All-in-all it was a fun Fall day, spent outside with friends! We will definitely do the paint again, it was a GREAT recipe, safe for the kids to eat, did not stain their skin and made vibrant colors! Now that we know it washes off easily, I think next time we will do it inside, maybe that way Bubba won’t be as distracted!

What are some fun Fall outdoor activities you have done to enjoy this weather??

Just a Fall Monday…

Happy Monday! (Or not so happy in this household)
I’m not sure how all of your Mondays are going, but mine started out rough! Here’s how it went:
1) Bubba woke up at 8 am (he usually sleeps until about 8:45-9), he was super grouchy & did not want to go through our normal morning routine.
2) Bubs threw a screaming tantrum because he did not want to play with his toys in his play area (I let him roam the house instead)
3) I tried to feed him breakfast and he didn’t want anything besides crackers
4) I went to put some out-going mail in the mailbox and Bubs shut the front door, locking me out! (Thank God the sliding door was open or this Momma would have had a major meltdown! I did have to walk around the house in my skimpy PJ shorts & a hoodie though)
5) Bubs pulled a big bag of cashews out of the cupboard & dumped them all over the kitchen floor, he also had 4 is his mouth! (He likes cashews, but we cut them in small pieces for him, so 4 whole ones made me nervous!)
6) I put him down for his morning nap, which normally he falls asleep in less than 5 mins, this time… It took 30 min.

SILVER LINING – he slept 1 hour & 50 min AND I got an hour nap in!

The day was much better from that point on, we ate a late lunch and went over to our neighbor’s house for a play date!

Bubs loves to play with E & E’s daughter, N! Since today was such a nice day out, we played outside! Bubs had fun and came home and took another nice nap!



How did you enjoy (or not enjoy) your Monday?