Got Laundry?

Don’t we all? Laundry seems to be never-ending, especially if you have kids! I am always looking for green ways to do laundry and reduce the amount of chemicals used on our clothing, bedding & towels! Since Bubba was born, I stopped using fabric sheets. They recommend parents of new babies not use them, as they can irritate baby’s delicate skin. I wanted to do a little research of my own, so I went to EWG’s Guide to Cleaning and looked up our dryer sheets… WOW… way to scare a new mom!!

For the most part, I didn’t miss them! EXCEPT when I am washing fleece/fuzzy blankets and sheets! Those dryer sheets always helped reduce the extreme amount of static created by fleece and made our sheets seem softer & more comfy… well the risk isn’t worth it, in my opinion!!

I remembered reading somewhere (I am sorry, I can’t remember where!) that vinegar could be used as a fabric softener… so I decided to give it a go! And guess what? I LOVE it! No vinegar smell, clothes come out softer and less static-y, AND without the use of chemicals!! I use distilled white vinegar and a downy dryer ball…. This is what I do…

Step 1: Grab your dryer ball, here is mine…

Dryer Ball

Step 2: Grab your vinegar, I buy store brands and usually have a few bottles around (since vinegar has MANY uses!)


Step 3: Pour desired amount into dryer ball (I like to fill it to the Extra Large line). Pull the plug to lock vinegar in the ball.

Step 4: Throw the ball into the washer with dirty clothes. Run wash cycle.

Step 5: Take clothes out of washer, throw in dryer, when dried, fold/hang and go about your day!

Easy-peasy! And chemical free!! It works GREAT all around, vinegar can also help reduce the soap residue that stays in fabrics, especially towels!!

Do you have any eco-laundry tips??

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Planning for a Green Baby – Our Blue (Green) Nursery

It is all about COLOR when decorating, in my opinion!

I once decorated a bathroom, when I lived alone, in HOT pink. That’s right, I had HOT pink stripes on the wall, and a HOT pink & purple shower curtain. A male friend of ours said “It looks like Victoria’s Secret threw up in your bathroom!”! I loved that bathroom, but it was definitely a “girls” bathroom, so when Scott & I bought our house, he made it very clear he did not want another “girls” bathroom. It also took him some time to realize I have an “eye” for decorating, and using color, without going overboard!


The walls before we painted (with a test strip of different blue)

Scott & I discussed wall color for our spare bedroom for years, without ever moving forward with our ideas. The walls in that room were very badly damaged… or should I say poorly repaired! It was evident that the previous owners had a chair rail in that room, that they decided to remove, and fix the damage themselves (VERY poorly). When we bought the house, almost every room in it was painted white. On top of that, it was painted with the cheapest, flattest white paint! We repainted most of the rooms, but had left the spare bedroom alone, knowing that 1) one day it would become a nursery and 2) it needed a lot of work because of the wall damage.

After we found out we were expecting a baby, we discussed what color we would paint the walls and what we would do about those damaged poorly repaired walls. I, of course, voted for green paint! Scott wanted blue, if it was a boy, but said I could do green if it was a girl. I figured that was a good compromise. We both agreed we needed to hire someone to repair the walls & paint them.

Well… we found out we were expecting a baby boy! So Scott won the wall color…finding the paint was easy, we have already painted many walls in our house with Benjamin Moore Aura Low VOC paint, and have LOVED the outcome, so all we had to do was settle on a shade of blue. We both knew we did not want a “baby blue” color, just something in the blue family. The color blue we landed on, was actually a blueish-green, called Bahaman Sea Blue. We chose to pay a professional that had painted for my parents, friends of my parents and even some of the buildings I work in! He did an absolutely amazing job! Besides repairing the damaged walls, he painted the walls & interior of the closet blue, and painted the trim & ceiling a nice clean, crisp white! By the way, don’t the floors look great? You can read about them here.



Lexi likes to photo bomb!


Before any furniture was in the nursery, the walls were quite bright (to say the least) and many of our friends & family (Scott included) wondered what we were thinking! Once the room came together, everyone loved the outcome, Scott even said it might be his favorite room in the house now! (Hopefully you will all agree once you see the finished room!!)

Do you have a favorite room in your home? Have you ever had a decorating idea, that others thought was a bit crazy, until they saw the finished product?