Farm Fresh – revisited

Hello again! I am trying a bit of an experiment, blogging from my iphone… Here goes nothing! 😊

I’m sure you all saw my beautiful veggies from the organic farm, if not, here is the picture again! You can read about them here.


Well, as you can see from the picture, it was WAY too much food for a family of three! So we offered some to our neighbors, E & E. They loved having a chance to get farm fresh organic food (for free!)! E made bruschetta with her veggies, what do you think?


Looks delicious, doesn’t it!? She said it tasted amazing and her family loved it! You can find the recipe she used here.

I’m so glad she was able to use some! I hate seeing any of these gorgeous veggies go to waste!

Do you have any awesome recipe recommendations that call for fresh veggies?