Party’s Over…

Birthday Boy!

Well… the party is over and is it ever! I am so glad everything turned out so good! Bubs was very spoiled and got some GREAT gifts! We had tons of food, so we sent family home with leftovers… no one seemed to want any cake for the road though!? So what does that mean? The hubby and I picked at it… I was pretty much “caked-out”, but he was able to “not let it all go to waste”! Once he was done pigging out eating it, we threw the rest away!!

The day after Bubba’s party was Father’s Day, so we were running around all day. Brunch with my parents then dinner with the hubby’s parents. By the time we got home we were exhausted! We put Bubs to bed, got ready for Monday morning, then went to bed ourselves! I have to say, Monday came WAY.TOO.FAST!!!

Monday was Bubba’s actual birhtday, we had a very “chill” night. We gave Bubs his presents from us, relaxed in front of the TV and ate dinner. Dinner was leftovers from Bubs party, the hubby had ice cream and I had some frosting (right out of the container) for dessert! Frosting is definitely one of my weaknesses…. the cake is ok, but the frosting?, the frosting is the BEST part of cake!! Knowing how out of control I would continue to be while the leftover frosting was in the fridge, I felt the need to get rid of it ASAP….

frostingI know, I know… I should have done the green thing and rinsed out the containers and recycled them… but I just had to get rid of them as soon as possible so I would STOP eating it!!! Totally a “green fail”, but sometimes we got to do what we got to do!

What are some of your weaknesses when it comes to food??

Weekly Recycling Bin

Check out our recycling bin this week, like I said before, we have a goal to have the recycling bin be fuller than the trash bin. This week there was no competition!

Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin

photo 1Large cardboard box (a toilet was in it, to give you an idea how big it is) full of cardboard Recycling (pizza boxes, Amazon shipping boxes, empty granola bar boxes, etc. )

photo 4Trash Bin (1 garbage bag, 1 diaper genie bag, and the lid to the old toilet bowl, the old toilet is also by the side of the road)

Did you meet your green goal this week?? Do you usually have more trash or more recycling??

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!


photo from

The colors that typically signify Valentine’s Day are pink & red, but what about green??

We celebrate love, romance & friendship on February 14th every year. The most common ways to celebrate this are with gifts of candy, flowers & “valentines”. A valentine started out as a handwritten note to a person’s friends & lover, and eventually turned into a printed card holiday. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. (second, only, to Christmas)

I am sure most adults remember celebrating Valentine’s Day in school, you were required to bring a valentine for each kid in your class, then you placed them in some sort of handmade “mailbox” on the other kids desks. As we grew up, we realized we didn’t have to give everyone in our class a valentine and reserved these “notes” for our close friends & maybe even an anonymous one to our crush!

As fun as it is to give and receive valentines, what do you do with the paper cards once the holiday is over? What about the empty chocolate box, fresh cut flowers, wrapping paper, etc?? Most of the items are sent, to where else, the landfill! In an effort to minimize your landfill distribution this Valentine’s Day, consider reusing your valentine gifts and gifting others with greener options… possibly an E-Card, a potted plant, a homemade meal or treat, helping out around the house, giving your partner a massage… the list is endless when we start thinking outside the Chocolate Box!

valentines chocolate heart box

Some tips on how to reuse your gifts…

Reuse the chocolate box, pretty much anywhere that sells food, sells small, individually wrapped candies, or you can go to a candy shop and buy individual candies and reuse the chocolate box next year! It can also be used as a gift box, usually the candy boxes are quite decorative, so all they would need is a ribbon.

Repurpose the chocolate box, use it to organize love letters, small craft items, or other momentous. Cut a slit in the side of the box and use as a bank, especially cute for a little girl!

Reuse the plastic candy tray, these trays are great for paint! Or for sorting small items, jewelry beads, small kids toys, etc. Best of all, they can be washed and reused over and over again!

Place those fresh cut flowers in a compost/yard waste bin (When they have died)

Reuse the valentine cards, you can cut the cards apart and use them to make future Valentine’s Day cards, you can use them for scrapbooking, or check out this site, it shows you how to use the cards to make gift boxes!

If you want to make this a green holiday, but need more ideas, just do some research, there is a ton of information on the web to help you reuse these gifts!

Here is some cuteness overload to put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day!!

photo 1 photo 2

Are you planning to give out Valentines this year? What do you typically do for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day?

Mid-Day Recycling

Is it lunchtime yet? I feel like I am asking myself this everyday around 10:30 am! My husband and I both work 30 minutes away from home, so I pack both my lunch and my husbands lunch everyday. I feel there is no sense in wasting money on going out to lunch (lets save that for yummy dinners out!). I make an effort not to create waste in our lunches, so we both carry reusable lunchbox/coolers, and my husbands sandwich is always in a reusable, plastic (Preserve Containers – BPA free & made from recycled plastics in the USA!) container. I eat yogurt everyday, I try to switch it up and eat regular yogurt one day and greek the next, and lets face it, its easier to buy the individual yogurts than the big containers you have to measure out (although I do this every now-and-then). Everyday I make sure to rinse out my yogurt container and re-pack it in my lunchbox to bring home and recycle. This also goes for any pop cans/bottles I have, soup cans, fruit containers, etc.

Do you try to pack a “Green” lunch? What other efforts do you make during the day to recycle?

Recycling Bin vs. Trash Bin

My husband and I have a goal every week. Let’s be honest, it is really my goal, he just cooperates with me! 🙂 I like to see if we can have more in our recycling bin than in our trash bin. Usually, this is an easy task, as we recycle everything we can, but, on occasion, we end up with more in the trash bin. When that happens, I wonder how we got there? Were there empty ketchup bottles that made it past me and into the trash (the hubby isn’t great at rinsing things out, so when I am not looking he sometimes slips things into the trash) or did we buy more this week?? Could we have easily avoided this “failed goal”? Luckily, it doesn’t take long to get back on track, and usually, by the next trash/recycling day we are back to reaching “our” goal.

Tell me, do you have a weekly/monthly/yearly recycling goal??