Bathroom Revamp – Part 1

This was our bathroom when we bought our house, pretty plain, and honestly… kind of a pukey color on the wall. I could not wait to redo it!

Bathroom Before Revamp

Bathroom Before Revamp

After we got married I figured it was time to redo it! We had registered for a new shower curtain, new rugs, new towels, and a new bathroom shelf, so our costs would be low for the revamp. It started as a small project (As it seems, all home improvement projects start…), just some paint, new shower curtain rod, load in our wedding gifts…

After paint, shelf, & textiles

After paint, shelf, & textiles

and new faucets, new window blinds… then we thought “How about new mirrors?”… and a new medicine cabinet…The further we got into the revamp, the more ideas AND issues we came across…

New medicine cabinet, blinds & glass shelves

New medicine cabinet, blinds & glass shelves

The faucets we chose (and had already ordered) did not fit our countertop. That’s when we found out that our countertop was cut to fit the cabinet… and the cabinet, that was cut to fit into the bathroom… by this point it was too late to return the faucets… what to do, what to do… well, we decided to order a new Corian countertop, one that was a color we wanted, with the faucet holes in the correct spot, and custom designed to fit our cabinet. When we realized we would be ordering a new countertop, we thought we might as well look at cabinets too… what we found out was they all cost about $500-$1,000 and were no better than the one we already had! We decided to just keep what we had and save the money.

New faucet & countertop

New faucet & countertop

New Corian countertop & mirrors

New Corian countertop & mirrors

Fast forward two years, as I was cruising around Pinterest I found a pin about staining your “builder’s grade” cabinetry with a gel stain. The woman’s blog I found had actually copied another woman’s blog. I read both blog posts and decided I wanted to redo our kitchen cupboards. We had recently had a kitchen cupboard modified to fit our new above-range-microwave, so I had two cabinet doors to play around with. I decided to test out the gel stain. The two blogs both used the Java color stain, so that is what I tried too… here is my Java test door…

picstitch java

Java Stain

I really liked it, but realized it would be a huge project and with an infant in the house I wasn’t sure I wanted all those chemicals in the air, I figured I would wait until Bubs was older and it was warm enough to do most of the staining outside.

Fast Forward about 6 more months…

Scott & I thought that maybe the Java color was too dark, so I ordered a pint of the Georgian Cherry color. My parents had a left over cabinet door so I tested it on that one… here is my Georgian Cherry test door…


Georgian Cherry Stain


Georgian Cherry Stain

WE LOVED the outcome of the Georgian Cherry!! I decided I was ready to do our kitchen… but then I got nervous…. so I opted to stain the bathroom cabinet instead!

Stay tuned….


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