Hybrid & Electric Cars – Does speed matter when your saving the planet?

Hybrid & Electric cars… they both seem like an AWESOME idea, but man are they ugly?? And slow???…

Of course, over the years they have become better looking, but still… as a woman who has always LOVED cars (thanks to my dad!), the look and speed of hybrids have turned me off. I know, I know… people say, “but you’re GREEN and so is driving a hybrid/electric”, but, honestly… there are just some things I am not willing to compromise on! I am from Michigan, the home of the Motor City, cars are in my BLOOD!!

I am all about saving money on the ever-rising gas prices, but can I still have my speed & style too??

Guess what? Some car manufacturers are listening to green auto enthusiasts, finally!! Check this out…

Porshe 918 Hybrid sets speed record

How about electric cars? I saw this one a few years ago at the Detroit auto show, and now I’ve actually seen some driving around Metro Detroit! Check this electric car out… you will honestly say “Is this REALLY electric?”!

Of course, I can’t afford the $845,000 price tag on the Porshe 918, now the Tesla is a little more realistically priced, starting around $75,000. I mean $75,000 is still a lot of money, but you do get a Federal tax credit for purchasing an electric car, as well as the long term savings from gas prices! Both cars are out of my financial reach, but it just goes to show that the auto industry is listening when us green auto enthusiasts are talking!! Now we need the more affordable car manufacturers to follow suit!

Would you buy a hybrid or electric car?

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