Just a Fall Monday…

Happy Monday! (Or not so happy in this household)
I’m not sure how all of your Mondays are going, but mine started out rough! Here’s how it went:
1) Bubba woke up at 8 am (he usually sleeps until about 8:45-9), he was super grouchy & did not want to go through our normal morning routine.
2) Bubs threw a screaming tantrum because he did not want to play with his toys in his play area (I let him roam the house instead)
3) I tried to feed him breakfast and he didn’t want anything besides crackers
4) I went to put some out-going mail in the mailbox and Bubs shut the front door, locking me out! (Thank God the sliding door was open or this Momma would have had a major meltdown! I did have to walk around the house in my skimpy PJ shorts & a hoodie though)
5) Bubs pulled a big bag of cashews out of the cupboard & dumped them all over the kitchen floor, he also had 4 is his mouth! (He likes cashews, but we cut them in small pieces for him, so 4 whole ones made me nervous!)
6) I put him down for his morning nap, which normally he falls asleep in less than 5 mins, this time… It took 30 min.

SILVER LINING – he slept 1 hour & 50 min AND I got an hour nap in!

The day was much better from that point on, we ate a late lunch and went over to our neighbor’s house for a play date!

Bubs loves to play with E & E’s daughter, N! Since today was such a nice day out, we played outside! Bubs had fun and came home and took another nice nap!



How did you enjoy (or not enjoy) your Monday?

Farm Fresh – revisited

Hello again! I am trying a bit of an experiment, blogging from my iphone… Here goes nothing! 😊

I’m sure you all saw my beautiful veggies from the organic farm, if not, here is the picture again! You can read about them here.


Well, as you can see from the picture, it was WAY too much food for a family of three! So we offered some to our neighbors, E & E. They loved having a chance to get farm fresh organic food (for free!)! E made bruschetta with her veggies, what do you think?


Looks delicious, doesn’t it!? She said it tasted amazing and her family loved it! You can find the recipe she used here.

I’m so glad she was able to use some! I hate seeing any of these gorgeous veggies go to waste!

Do you have any awesome recipe recommendations that call for fresh veggies?

Farm Fresh

Wow! I meant to get back to my posts as soon as we returned from our Labor Day weekend trip, but time just got away from me! I am so sorry!! I am not sure why it always takes so long to get back to your normal rhythm after vacation!? (It seems even harder with a child…) Well, here is my next post, I hope you all enjoy!

In my opinion, nothing beats fresh fruits & veggies straight from the farm!! Not only do they taste better, they are more nutritious that way (because they are so fresh!). There are many reasons they are more nutritious for you, they are super fresh, so they are at their peak for nutritiousness; they have less pesticides because the goods are local and do not need to travel far; some are USDA Organic; and some do not use pesticides, but did not get the USDA Organic certification. Of course not everyone can be a farmer, but most of us can visit our local Farmer’s Market! Another option is to join a local CSA!

Do you know what a CSA is? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Many of those farmers at your local Farmer’s Market may offer a CSA membership. They can be quite pricey and your weekly fresh food variety & quantity varies from week-to-week. If you are a veggie lover, you can probably use them all, but if you are a picky veggie eater, it may be hard to use everything. My parents belong to a local CSA, we alternate (between my parents, my brother & sister-in-law, and me) who picks up the veggies each week. It works out nicely, because between our three families, someone usually eats what veggies we get. This was my most recent pick-up!

Farm Veggies

Farm Veggies

The CSA we belong to is Stone Coop Farm, they are out of Hamburg Township, MI. If you are local to that area, you have probably seen them at the Brighton Farmer’s Market. If the idea of joining a CSA sounds good to you,  you can search for a local one here. Some CSA’s offer a local drop-off in your area, at Stone Coop Farm, we have a time & day to go to the farm and pick our veggies up. This year they have been offering organic eggs, which are amazing! The quantities are limited, so they ask that you order ahead of your pick-up day & time to ensure you get some.

Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies is important to me & my family. I try to buy organic whenever possible (more on that later), and try to make sure the hubby & Bubs get their suggested servings each day!

Do any of you belong to a CSA?