Lawn Care

BAD seasonal Allergies & lawn care do NOT mix!

Hubby does most of the lawn care, as I have horrible seasonal allergies. That being said, I still contribute to the lawn care with ideas, some weeding and landscaping. This year I have been stricter about what we put on our lawn, I have always worried about Baby Girl & the lawn chemicals, but now that Bubba crawls in the lawn too, I am even more strict! I looked into Organic weed control, but honestly, it really doesn’t do much, and we had OUT.OF.CONTROL. dandelions this year! We ended up doing the first step of “Scotts Weed & Feed“, that took care of the dandelions, but since we haven’t continued through the steps, we have gotten other weeds in the lawn. At least many of these weeds are green and when freshly mowed, look like grass, so we have just left them alone!

This summer has been an odd one, weather wise, its been extremely hot & humid, then cold & rainy, then back to hot & humid… all that weird weather has seemed to make mushrooms grow… I feel like I live in Alice & Wonderland!


my backyard

Bubba was VERY interested in the mushrooms, which made me VERY nervous…luckily, Baby Girl leaves them completely alone, so no worries with her. Hubby pulled the mushrooms as soon as he got home from work, that way we didn’t have to worry about them anymore! Let’s hope no more come or I will be looking for Alice!

Do you have any green lawn care tips to share?


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