Bubba’s First Birthday

I can not believe my baby is one year old already! Where did the last year go?? Of course the first birthday party always has to be a big deal, so I spent probably 2 months planning it! Bubba loves the water and loves his sea creature bath toys, so I chose to do an “Under The Sea” theme for the party!

Sea Creature Bath Toys

Sea Creature Bath Toys

I made the invitations and mailed them out, then was explaining the invites to a friend, she told me she had some decorations leftover from her son’s baptism party. It just so happened that the colors she used and the colors I chose were the same, so she let me borrow her decorations!


Reused Poof Balls

Reused Poof Balls

Although I reused some of my friend’s party decorations, Bubba’s party wasn’t exactly green. I ordered paper plates, cups and napkins that I found online that had sea creatures on them! Paper products just seemed easier for a child’s birthday party, that was held outside. I also made a paper banner for the wall and one for his highchair! We did use our real silverware, real glasses for the “Adult beverages” and real dishes for the food buffet.



I made the cake myself, it didn’t turn out as great as I hoped (I tried to achieve the same Ombre effect that I did on his cake for his cake smash photoshoot, but it just didn’t come out as nice), but it was cute and tasted great (which is all that really matters, right?)! I even made candy sea creatures to use on the cake!

DSC_3333We didn’t have a huge party, just family, but all-in-all it was a perfect day!

Family photo

Family photo

When you plan a party, do you go for what’s easy or do you try to stay green?

2 thoughts on “Bubba’s First Birthday

  1. I think it’s hard to use your own dishes when you have a themed party. Adding decorative plates and napkins that match your theme always help contribute to the festive atmosphere! At least with paper products you can recycle or know they will decompose quickly.

    Your theme was adorable and the pictures are great!

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