Cake Smash!

We decided to do a cake smash photo shoot with Bubba, before his big day! I wanted to be able to capture his reactions to the cake, and to have a chance to “practice” eating/smashing the cake before his party (sometimes he can be a bit weird by messy food on his hands).

Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy!

I made the cake myself, and found the ombre icing tutorial here. I think it turned out great!! (not as great as the woman’s that I tried to copy, but pretty good for my first try!)



After I took some pictures of the cake, we presented it to Bubba… he was a little unsure at first…

First taste

First taste


He REALLY liked the candle… he wanted it, but wanted to make sure it was ok that he took it!

DSC_1530Very unsure about the cake…. should I eat it? Am I going to get into trouble??


Daddy had to push his hand into the cake to get him to understand he was allowed to touch it!

DSC_1541Now he is getting the hang of it…

DSC_1544He LOVED the candle…



DSC_1563As you can see, Momma & Daddy ate some of the cake too… don’t get me wrong, Bubba did some damage on his own, but we wanted some cake before he completely destroyed it!!

After this photo session it was BATH TIME!! Can you imagine why?? I am so glad we did a “cake smash” (practice session)! It was loads of fun and helped Bubba understand he could touch the cake when his party happened the next day!

Did you do a cake smash photo session for your child’s first birthday??

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