Florida Trip 2013

The hubby and I took Bubba on his first vacation in March. My parents have a place on Anna Maria Island, in Florida, so we flew (Bubba’s first plane ride!) down and stayed with them for a week. They are in the City of Anna Maria, which is the smallest, quietest, city on the island. The City of Anna Maria is becoming very eco-concious and has an awesome shopping district that is green!!

First Plane Ride

Bubba’s First Plane Ride

The shopping district is on Pine Avenue, and is called “The Greenest Little Main Street in America”! New buildings are created with rock solid energy efficiency in mind! From tankless water heaters, to ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms), the buildings are made to conserve energy and withstand the island weather! It is important to the City of Anna Maria to keep the historic shopping district intact, allowing small shops, cafes, and vacation cottages to continue to populate Pine Avenue.

Daddy & Bubba

Daddy & Bubba during a coffee stop

Florida Trip

Our family standing on the City Pier

Mike and Lizzie Thrasher are leading the Green movement on Pine Avenue. They have turned 8 vacation rentals into solar-powered homes, as well as, created sustainable businesses. You can read about their work here. The sustainable business that caught my eye while we were walking the street, was the Village Cafe. Underneath the outdoor deck is a giant water bladder that collects rainwater and uses it to flush the toilets and run the irrigation system! How amazing is that!?

Rain Water

I think the efforts put forward by the Thrasher’s is awesome, to say the least! Have any of you encountered an amazing green place while on vacation?


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