Green Replacements

We recently upgraded our old electric stove to a beautiful, double oven gas stove! At the same time we purchased an over-the-stove microwave, and a new dishwasher (it was cheaper to buy them all together!). About a month later we purchased a new Kohler, low-flow toilet for our half bath, it was about time… the old one barely flushed and CONSTANTLY ran!!

Here is a picture of the stove and microwave, I don’t have one of the dishwasher or toilet (because, lets face it, they just aren’t as pretty!)


Upgrading our appliances had me thinking, I mean, it is always exciting to get shiny new things, especially when they will save you money in the long run, right?! So many products are now labelled “Green”, “Eco”, “energy efficient”, “low-flow” or “water efficient”, and these products help our Mother Earth by conserving her natural resources, but at what cost?

In order to replace our old appliances we have to throw them out! So now our old toilets, faucets, refrigerators, oven/stoves, microwaves, etc are in the landfill! Luckily, there are some options! You can always donate them to Habitat for Humanity or another local donation center that accepts appliances, but in many cases they may be broken or unsafe. Your local energy companies may have an appliance recycling program, I know DTE Energy and Consumers Energy do, the store you purchased from may also recycle your old/broken appliances.

Many companies give incentives for upgrading your appliances to Energy Star rated appliances,

DTE Energy offers rebates for upgrading your washing machine, thermostat, room air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Consumers Energy was offering rebates for upgrading your appliances to Energy Star rated appliances, but since so many people have taken advantage of the rebates, they are no longer available for 2013. is a website where you can check if you are eligible for a tax credit due to an Energy Star appliance upgrade.

We were not eligible for any government tax credits, but are looking forward to the lower water bills!! We donated our (working) old electric stove to Habitat for Humanity, Home Depot took our broken dishwasher to recycle for us, our old toilet went to the landfill (too many broken pieces in the “guts”), and our old microwave is sitting in the basement waiting for a new home!

When purchasing something new for your home, has it made you stop and think “now where does the old one go”?