Planning for a Green Baby – Nursery Textiles

Well, my “Planning for a Green Baby” series is almost complete…but wait… what does the baby sleep on? With? Etc…

Well, as you can imagine, I was just as insane picky about what my baby would sleep on. I figured he would be spending a lot of time in his crib over the next few years, so it should be safe, and free of chemicals. We chose an organic mattress that would get Bubba through the infant & toddler stage. It was quite pricey, so we added it to our baby registry, and were lucky enough to have an awesome brother & sister-in-law who bought it for us! Of course, I did a TON of research on which would be the best mattress, this is what I found listed as THE BEST over and over again.


Now, what did we cover the mattress with? Organic cotton crib sheets! I chose 3 different patterns and we rotate between them. Two of them are Dwell Studios Organic Crib sheets, I LOVE them, they are so soft and wash up so nicely!

Zig Zag Chocolate

Zig Zag Chocolate

Mesh Lawn

Mesh Lawn

The third sheet is by Kids Line, it is organic as well, I LOVE the colors and pattern, but it isn’t quite as soft as the Dwell Studio sheets, it is also a little but smaller, so it is difficult to get it on the mattress.



It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do for a window covering… curtains, valence, shade…? I found table cloths at Target that matched the paint in the nursery and they even had green in them! They were SUPER long and I figured they would look great as curtains (they were also on sale!). I bought 3… I then bought curtain rings that have a clip on the end, I clipped the long end of 2 of the table cloths, then slid the rings over the curtain rod, and voila! curtains for the nursery. I used the third to make a skirt for the crib (sorry no photo of the skirt).


On another trip to Target I found a pillow that matched the curtains AND paint color, plus it had brown on it, so I bought it and it goes on the chair! It looks great and ties it all together!


About 6 months after Bubba was born, I was at Target (I love that place) and I saw a lamp shade that matched the curtains!! I bought that and put it on his lamp (it originally just had a silver shade), it looks great, and matches perfectly with the decor!


Is there something specific in your home that you were extremely insane picky about? Was it for esthetics or health?