Let’s Talk Diapers

My husband & I recently welcomed our first child, Austin, we call him Bubba. Being the green lover that I am, I wanted to cloth diaper. My husband, completely grossed out by the idea of it, wanted to use disposables. Well, I did a bit of research, and did you know, that if you are a child of the 80’s and your parents used disposable diapers, those diapers are STILL sitting in a landfill!? Disposable diapers take over 30 years to decompose in a landfill (some research even says 500 years!). Imagine that, your baby-waste is still out there, polluting our air, waterways, earth, etc. Mine isn’t out there, my parents were “hippie-wanna-be’s” (and on a very limited budget), so they used cloth! Way to go Mom & Dad!! Anyways, back to me & my husband, our compromise was that when Bubba wears disposables, they are eco-friendly disposables, such as, Seventh Generation diapers, Earth’s Best diapers or G-diapers disposable inserts. Seventh Generation & G-Diapers Inserts are 100% compostable, meaning you can throw them in your compost bin, if the waste is #1. If you are dealing with a #2 situation, they must be tossed in the trash, except for the G-diaper inserts, those can be “pulled-apart” and flushed down the toilet (not as gross as it sounds).

In reality, cloth diapering is not that hard (or gross), if you have a new baby, you are going to be doing laundry, at least, every-other day. What’s one more load? The only time, that we have found, that cloth diapers can be inconvenient, is while out and about, it really isn’t much fun to lug around dirty diapers, so we usually use our eco-disposables while we are out.

Another perk to cloth? Less diaper rashes; soft, smooth fabric against your little one’s skin; and you can always double or triple up on the layers for extra leak protection!

As you can see, Bubba has tried a variety of cloth diaper brands, so far we have been happy with them all!

What parenting compromises have you made with your spouse? Did you/do you plan to cloth diaper? If you used cloth, what brands were your favorite/least favorite?