Mid-Day Recycling

Is it lunchtime yet? I feel like I am asking myself this everyday around 10:30 am! My husband and I both work 30 minutes away from home, so I pack both my lunch and my husbands lunch everyday. I feel there is no sense in wasting money on going out to lunch (lets save that for yummy dinners out!). I make an effort not to create waste in our lunches, so we both carry reusable lunchbox/coolers, and my husbands sandwich is always in a reusable, plastic (Preserve Containers – BPA free & made from recycled plastics in the USA!) container. I eat yogurt everyday, I try to switch it up and eat regular yogurt one day and greek the next, and lets face it, its easier to buy the individual yogurts than the big containers you have to measure out (although I do this every now-and-then). Everyday I make sure to rinse out my yogurt container and re-pack it in my lunchbox to bring home and recycle. This also goes for any pop cans/bottles I have, soup cans, fruit containers, etc.

Do you try to pack a “Green” lunch? What other efforts do you make during the day to recycle?

One thought on “Mid-Day Recycling

  1. I always pack my lunch in reusable containers. If I bring soup, I always rinse out the can and bring it home to recycle. Of coarse occasionally I have to put my lunch on a paper plate, but it’s pretty rare. Since we have water jugs at work, I don’t have to bring my own bottles. However, I do use plastic cups, but I will only use 1 cup for the whole week and just clean it out at the end of each day. This is an area I could improve on, and buy a good water container to keep in my office instead of using the plastic cups. I’ll have to make a point to remind myself to do this!

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