Recycling Bin vs. Trash Bin

My husband and I have a goal every week. Let’s be honest, it is really my goal, he just cooperates with me! 🙂 I like to see if we can have more in our recycling bin than in our trash bin. Usually, this is an easy task, as we recycle everything we can, but, on occasion, we end up with more in the trash bin. When that happens, I wonder how we got there? Were there empty ketchup bottles that made it past me and into the trash (the hubby isn’t great at rinsing things out, so when I am not looking he sometimes slips things into the trash) or did we buy more this week?? Could we have easily avoided this “failed goal”? Luckily, it doesn’t take long to get back on track, and usually, by the next trash/recycling day we are back to reaching “our” goal.

Tell me, do you have a weekly/monthly/yearly recycling goal??

6 thoughts on “Recycling Bin vs. Trash Bin

  1. My husband has done the same thing! By the time they take the effort to “hide” it in the trash, they could have rinsed it out and put it in the recycling bin! Too funny!

  2. We are pretty good at recycling and usually have 2 times as much recycling than garbage. The problem I have is when I find the mystery plastic container that I overlook last time I cleaned out the fridge. I never want to open up the plastic container to rinse it out and recycle it…I’m scared of what I will see or smell. Although this does not happen too often, my goal is to just suck it up and recycle it!

  3. You sound like us, but the opposite. Pete is way better at recycling than I am. Although Nevada is horrible. They don’t recycle everything. We were told by the collectors if we have stuff in our recycling bin that they can’t recycle they will just throw everything out. They don’t sift through it. How horrible is that?

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