Planning for a Green Baby

My husband and I welcomed our first child this past June, and while we planned for his arrival, we worked hard to create an eco-friendly home for him. While trying to navigate through all of the green baby information on the web, I came across an amazing book, Going Green With Baby, by: Jennifer Lo Prete & Melissa Moog. This book breaks down all the areas you can “Go Green with Baby” and how to go about it. I found the book extremely helpful, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering eco-friendly options for their child. Jennifer & Melissa basically did all the research for you, so you just have to read their book, and if you want more information on a specific area, they tell you where to go to get it! I learned quite a bit from the book about different organic materials and products, which helped inform my decision of where to focus my “green” energy!

From reading the book and conducting my own research, it became clear that the most important area to go green with our baby was in the nursery. So our main focus was on the room, its furnishings, linens, and decorations. When we filled out our registry, we focused on organic bedding, organic sleepers, organic stuffed animals, and organic toys, when possible. The problem with focusing solely on organic pieces, was that we were limiting our selection, limiting the availability of the products, and asking our family and friends to spend a lot of money. The majority of organic clothing & toys are online-only, and cost a lot of green.

When we came across items we liked that were not “registry friendly” we  bought them ourselves. I found a deal on the brand of baby skin care products that I wanted (and had researched on EWG’s Skin Deep page), so I bought them. I planed to to use only cloth diapers, so, if I found a deal, I bought a few (the husband didn’t like that plan, so we had to do some compromising, but more on that later!). When I found a deal on a cute organic outfit, I bought it. Between our baby showers, and our slow accumulation of products, the green nursery was coming along!

What areas of your house are most important to you to be green? Have you found any green resources that have helped in your quest for a green product, room, house, etc?

Mid-Day Recycling

Is it lunchtime yet? I feel like I am asking myself this everyday around 10:30 am! My husband and I both work 30 minutes away from home, so I pack both my lunch and my husbands lunch everyday. I feel there is no sense in wasting money on going out to lunch (lets save that for yummy dinners out!). I make an effort not to create waste in our lunches, so we both carry reusable lunchbox/coolers, and my husbands sandwich is always in a reusable, plastic (Preserve Containers – BPA free & made from recycled plastics in the USA!) container. I eat yogurt everyday, I try to switch it up and eat regular yogurt one day and greek the next, and lets face it, its easier to buy the individual yogurts than the big containers you have to measure out (although I do this every now-and-then). Everyday I make sure to rinse out my yogurt container and re-pack it in my lunchbox to bring home and recycle. This also goes for any pop cans/bottles I have, soup cans, fruit containers, etc.

Do you try to pack a “Green” lunch? What other efforts do you make during the day to recycle?

Recycling Bin vs. Trash Bin

My husband and I have a goal every week. Let’s be honest, it is really my goal, he just cooperates with me! 🙂 I like to see if we can have more in our recycling bin than in our trash bin. Usually, this is an easy task, as we recycle everything we can, but, on occasion, we end up with more in the trash bin. When that happens, I wonder how we got there? Were there empty ketchup bottles that made it past me and into the trash (the hubby isn’t great at rinsing things out, so when I am not looking he sometimes slips things into the trash) or did we buy more this week?? Could we have easily avoided this “failed goal”? Luckily, it doesn’t take long to get back on track, and usually, by the next trash/recycling day we are back to reaching “our” goal.

Tell me, do you have a weekly/monthly/yearly recycling goal??